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Luisa Sonza reveals a secret donation to Republika Srpska after being accused: “Without revealing it here”

Luisa Sonza reveals a secret donation to Republika Srpska after being accused: “Without revealing it here”

Luisa Sonza On Tuesday, the 14th, he revealed to his followers that he had made a cash donation to the victims of Rio Grande do Sul, but he did not say anything publicly. The artist, who preferred to keep her good work a secret, ended up responding to her fans after being severely criticized for not speaking out.

The singer is now holding a virtual fundraiser to raise more money.

Before, Sunza had already joined Juliette Freire And other celebrities to get helicopters to send donations to the state.

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He added: “We have achieved a lot between us, without revealing that here. “We did not go directly to you because we are in a financial position to help,” she announced in a video posted to Instagram Stories.

“And bringing the artists together to raise a significant amount, creating internal funds on top of what each one does individually… but now we really need your help and the brands’ help to rebuild the city, the homes, the families and the history. The time is now,” he continued.

The funk singer also took the opportunity to criticize celebrities who seek fame through charity.

“And we are like this: everyone who wants to do good, wants to help, wants to donate, we do not look at who. We are in a very sad situation. My situation…I cried a lot. I was also thrilled when we got a ‘deal’, something Like this, we have run after a lot, we have fought about a lot of things, we have gone after everything we can and we are still here, fighting with those who need to fight, demanding who should take responsibility and helping everyone we can help and I am happy to see the commitment of some people There are people who are just here to say they are, there are people who are there for the ego, and there are people who are just here to show: “Guys, look how I did it”… I’m embarrassed to even show what I did, to keep the conversation going.” Rate the singer.