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Who will Giovanna nominate for Paredão in BBB 24?  Commander and Davey change targets

Who will Giovanna nominate for Paredão in BBB 24? Commander and Davey change targets

Sunday (17) is Baredao Day in BP24. Throughout the day, opposing groups set voting targets. The formation promises a lot of emotions, after all, Davi can go to Paredão with Alane or Isabelle, as well as Beatriz.

During the owners' lunch, Matthews, Davy, Alan and Beatrice mentioned their goals. The goal was to reach consensus so they could vote together.

“So, who are you thinking of?” “It's about time,” said Matthews. “I vote for Ben, Liddy, Raccolo, and I vote for everyone there. “I vote for everyone except you and Isabel,” Alan answers.

Beatrice says it's important to think carefully about who to hire, and Duffy comments on the danger of three of them going to Baredao. “Just me, Isabelle and Alan […] “If you put one of them in there, and one of them wins the Pate Vuelta, that's it,” reflects the driver.

The Brás salesperson points out that they need to decide who they will recommend. “Guys, you can't leave it to us to decide who we'll go with when Tadeo goes live,” warns the sister.

Daffy mentions Lady, and Alan MC mentions Bin Laden, the mutant and Rackete. A moment when Matthews suggests voting for Ben to follow Isabelle's vote for the funk singer.

“Man, we're comfortably voting for Ben,” Davey says. However, Matthews explains why: “That's not all, tell Isabelle then.”

Initially, the group selected Lady as the choice, followed by Ben and Raccolo. However, the conversation the driver had with Isabel made everyone change their goals.

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When you tell her the options, the sister replies: “Your options, right? You have to act according to your heart. “You know my voting choices.”

Afterwards, Davey suggested that the group follow Isabel's vote for Ben.

The leader determines the vote

Not knowing that Raquel would be able to veto Mateus' decision, Commander Giovanna commented that she would have to vote for Alan.

“Among the options available to me, unfortunately, Alan is the one. Because Matthews won the angel. I think in terms of priority, I will send Pia, then Matthews, then her. In other words, unfortunately, she has been manipulated because she is not a priority for Matthews.” She did not win the angel title,” said the Minas Gerais native.

“Davey gets the most votes. What's Ben catching out there?” Raccolo asks. “I think he is the third person to leave, in a way, he leaves,” points out the Minas Gerais native.

If nothing changes, Beatrice (the leader's vote, if Racolo vetoes the immunity that Mateus intends to give his sister) and Davy (the House's vote) are over Paredão.

What they do not know is that, in addition to voting in the confessional, there will be open voting only with the brothers who have been ordained “vision” – Alan, Davey, Beatrice, and MC Bin Laden (Mattheus beats the Angel and is invulnerable).

Then, unanimously, the Mira brothers must corner another player. Except for the leader's nomination, others participate in the round and round test.

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