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If you have these two apps on your phone, delete them quickly to save battery power

If you have these two apps on your phone, delete them quickly to save battery power

a battery It is an essential component for the functioning of a cell phone, and plays an important role in the device's portability and ease of use. This is because its main function is to store and provide the energy needed to operate all cell phone services, from calls and messages to more advanced applications and features.

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Furthermore, battery capacity and efficiency directly affect the autonomy of a cell phone, determining how long the device can be used before needing to be recharged. A good battery is essential to ensuring a consistent experience throughout the day, which directly impacts user satisfaction and practicality of using a cell phone on a daily basis.

Apps that consume more battery power

Therefore, technological progress in the field of batteries is necessary to support the development of new functions and increase the demand for more powerful and efficient devices. But did you know that some apps can drain your phone's battery faster than others? Understand below:

Fitbit: Health Monitor

That's what one says specialized In technology, which revealed the two applications that consume the most power on your phone. The first is Fitbit, which is a fitness app that monitors your physical activity, sleep, and other health data. In other words, the problem is that this information is always sent to the cloud, which requires a lot of battery power.

Skype: global communication

The second is Skype, which is a video calling app that allows you to chat with people from all over the world. Given that, the problem is that it uses your phone's camera and microphone to transmit video and audio in real time, which also consumes a lot of power.

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How to uninstall unnecessary apps and save battery

So, if you don't use these apps often, it might be a good idea to uninstall them from your phone. This way, you can save battery power and make it last longer.

Tips to extend your cell phone battery life

But this is not the only way to extend your phone's battery life. There are other simple tips you can follow, such as:

  1. Screen brightness: Lower brightness to save power.
  2. Disable unused connections: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use.
  3. Updates and applications: Keep your system and applications updated to improve efficiency.
  4. Power saving mode: Use save mode to limit background resources.
  5. Close applications: Close unused applications to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  6. Suitable temperature: Avoid extreme temperatures to preserve the battery.
  7. Smart charging: Keep the charge between 20% and 80%, thus avoiding frequent full cycles.
  8. Reliable chargers: Use approved chargers to avoid battery damage.