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CES 2024: Google introduces its Android mascot name at the event

CES 2024: Google introduces its Android mascot name at the event

Hey Google It has already introduced some new features during CES 2024. More subtle compared to the new features of cars is the “baptism” of the mascot in reference to the Android operating system. Now, with the official name “The Bot”, it will represent many new features related to the system in the future.

In general, the robot is always remembered when the company celebrates important dates, in addition to being the hero of statues that commemorate each new launch carried out. Previously, the community and public ended up adopting the name.”Bugdroid“To the mascot unofficially. But it seems that this period has come to an end.

It can be said that this announcement comes as a continuation of Google's own initiative in September of last year, when the company launched a new logo for the Android system, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. Furthermore, the company took the opportunity to revamp the widget.”In a glance“.

The event also included an explanation of the implementation of the new design that was launched with the aim of facilitating the transition from the digital world to the real world, in addition to making the robot more versatile and adaptable to various contexts, platforms and channels. Therefore, we may see more popularity for The Bot mascot in the coming months.

Google also believes that the update has helped the system gain more dimension and personality, opening up more customization possibilities with accessories, materials and colors.

In the meantime, you can check out more about CES, like the launch of Infinix's color-changing technology on the back panel of mobile phones.

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