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Agricultural influencers help promote agriculture

Agricultural influencers help promote agriculture

Influencer Pedro Luce. Photo: General Mills/Disclosure

Spreading the importance of sustainable agriculture, farming and farming to the planet for present and future generations encouraged multinational food company General Mills, owner of brands such as Yoki, Kitano and Häagen-Dazs, to invest in partnerships with influencers digitalis and Pedro Loos, from Ciência Todo Dia, and David Damasceno, from Universo Curioso.

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With more than 6 million subscribers added on YouTubeCiência Todo dia and Universo Curioso channels both educational and in-depth language on the concept of regenerative agriculture, which incorporates sustainable farming practices to meet the world’s food demand and promote the health of the planet.

“Regenerative agriculture is a vital topic for biodiversity and ecosystem balance, but it faces barriers to understanding due to a lack of clear information. Ciência Todo Dia and Universo Curioso channels complex ideas in a smart and simple way. Contents explains Franceselle Caixita, General Mills Agricultural Development Coordinator for Latin America, That the contents spark discussion about something very important with clear explanations, encourage people to get closer to the agricultural world and learn about methods that help the environment.

In this context, the two influencers Numerical analyzes of the negative impacts of deforestation on agriculture and the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which helps impoverish soils and affects future agricultural production, potentially leading to the expansion of deserts. Together, the two videos have reached nearly 138,000 views, 168,000 impressions, and reached 113,000 people..

“The results are very significant and we see many comments from people who also use these technologies and others who learn about them. The most important thing for us is obstetrics.” consciousness on existing initiatives and the resulting positive impacts,” adds Francel.

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Research for Sustainable Agriculture

Seminar on Innovation and Sustainability in the Cooperative - Manaus - Giovanni Ferreira 0 OCB - Renewable Agriculture

Image: Canva

According to information released by the General Mills communications team, in 2020 General Mills led an extensive study with the Institute of Forestry and Agriculture Management and Certification (IFAM).immaflora) to assess carbon emissions in key supply chains. Emissions were calculated from seven brand popcorn and sorghum farms in Campo Novo do Parecis, in western Mato Grosso.

The research highlighted the importance of diversifying soil management to build up carbon and organic matter stocks in soils and crops. Retention of carbon in the soil reduces levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has a direct effect on global warming.

Yuki’s sorghum and popcorn corn are among the world’s 10 most efficient crop regions in terms of nutrients in the soil and carbon sequestration in the atmosphere, as a result of adopting integrated conservation, fertility and soil health that favor high quality grain.

The project also provided training to producers interested in adopting regenerative farming practices, including integration with livestock and biological control.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from popcorn corn farms in the study region are about 70% lower than the global average. The use of sustainable farming techniques has attached direct benefits to nature and placed popcorn production at Mato Grosso, Yuki’s base, among the most efficient in the world.”