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“I don’t know if he’s wearing the starting jersey”;  Edmundo has no fear and sends the truth about Palmeiras’ reinforcements in season

“I don’t know if he’s wearing the starting jersey”; Edmundo has no fear and sends the truth about Palmeiras’ reinforcements in season

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The commentator pointed out, during a video clip posted on the YouTube channel itself, the difficulties that the Jewel will face in Palmeiras

© Photo: Playback / YouTubeEdmundo is not afraid and sends the truth about Palmeiras’ reinforcements

The Palmeiras board of directors is close to renting a gem BasqueAnd Andrew Santoswho did not obtain a work visa to play in Chelsea, and now he will compete with Gabriel Menino. with departure Danilothe number 25 shirt he ended up taking over and emerged victorious in winning a title Super Cup before FlamingoWhere he scored two goals.

In view of this, the Basque idol, EdmundHe indicated that he believed that there was a sharp disagreement over the starting place in the midfield. This is because, though Andrew Santos As one of the most promising players in national football, the commentator noted Gabriel Menino You must not lose the position. In keeping with his fellow cast members, Raphael and Raphael Vega costumethe former player emphasized that Promise would need to show service to win the position.

“He comes into a ready team. This ready team welcomes a great player coming up. Let’s see how he plays in Sao Januário… Let’s see if he’ll be in the starting line-up because Danilo left. With them both in the Super Cup, Gabriel Menino has grown a lot. There’s a trio Very strong with Gabriel Menino, Rafael Vega and Zé Rafael. I don’t know if Andre arrives and puts on the starting shirt. He has the ability, but I don’t know if he will be a starter.”And He highlighted Edmondo during a video posted on YouTube itself.

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Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Edmund Also highlighted selection Andrew Santos To play with Palmeiras, stressing that he understands the young man’s decision. As the intention of the player is to accumulate points so that the work visa for England is approved. The commentator also pointed out that the criticism was due to the early sale, which was one of the highlights Cruz Maltino In the second division in 2022.

“Vasco won’t play Libertadores and Sol Americana this year. He chose a combined team, which is Palmeiras, so he can offer himself to Chelsea. We’re sad, but that’s part of it. I don’t think the fans should be upset with Andre. They should be upset about the early exit And the cheap. I hope he returns one day. Our longing will continueAnd highlighted.