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Who is Bobadilla?  The Sao Paulo target is a son of former Corinthians team and is considered a ‘mixed midfielder’ |  Sao Paulo

Who is Bobadilla? The Sao Paulo target is a son of former Corinthians team and is considered a ‘mixed midfielder’ | Sao Paulo

Following the announcement of the appointment of Luiz Gustavo and Eric Sao Paulo He turns his attention to Damian Bobadilla. The 22-year-old Paraguayan midfielder has become a big target for Tricolor, who will be hoping to complete the reinforcement before Christmas.

Cerro Porteño’s youthful promise has attracted attention Sao Paulo Because of his versatility in midfield. An original second midfielder, Bobadilla is good at attacking and is also strong defensively.

Damian Bobadilla: Watch the goals of the Paraguayan midfielder against Sao Paulo

The player’s offensive numbers are what are attracting the most attention this season. In 48 matches, he scored 11 goals – a high rate for a midfielder.

Damian Bobadilla is a mixed midfielder, a midfielder with great skill. He’s been scoring a lot of goals lately. A player reaches the area often. When it comes to scoring goals, he is a very supportive player. A midfielder who can do both: attack and score. But his strength is the midfielder who moves a lot in the penalty area to follow the attack – said Ernesto Gimenez, sectoral of Cerro Porteño on Radio Primeiro de Marzo, in Paraguay, in contact with ge.

Cerro Porteño’s Damian Bobadilla, in sight in Sao Paulo – Image: Disclosure / Cerro Porteño

Good form in 2023 led to Bobadilla being called up to the Paraguay national team for the first time at just 22 years old. Ascension makes the boy a promise to the nation and an asset Sao Paulo Increase exposure to it.

According to journalist Ernesto Jimenez, Bobadilla has characteristics that fit well with Brazilian football. Evaluation in Sao Paulo Is that the boy is very similar to Alisson, who became a second midfielder with Dorival Junior.

– He will be a player who will help the team a lot Sao Paulo If his transfer happens, because I think Brazilian football suits his characteristics – commented Jimenez.

Bobadilla in Sao Paulo? Leonardo Lourenco replies

Regarding Brazil and Brazilian football, Damian Bobadilla will have some references from his home country. This is because his father, Aldo Bobadilla, was Corinthians’ goalkeeper in 2010.

His stay lasted only six months, without him entering the field even once. But the former player always showed respect and gratitude to his rival. Sao Paulo.

After retiring from the field, Aldo Bobadilla became a coach. Currently, he is 47 years old and is based in Tacuari, in Paraguay, after playing for the country’s youth teams.

Aldo Bobadilla in Corinthians training, at Parque São Jorge, in 2010 – Image: (Photo: Carolina Alvarenga / Globoesporte.com)

Art card by Damian Bobadilla

  • Position – second steering wheel
  • Height – 1.81 m
  • Weight – 73 kg
  • Dominant foot – correct

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