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How to reply to a message on WhatsApp without “tying”?

How to reply to a message on WhatsApp without “tying”?

Have you ever wanted to use WhatsApp Completely invisibly? Even with the release of native features that allow you to hide status information and view messages, other users can still tell when someone is doing this Writing Or record audio to send.

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WhatsApp has not yet provided native tools that allow you to hide actions performed, such as “typing” under the username. However, there are some tricks that can be used to ensure the privacy that some desire. Through it, it is possible to respond to messages without showing the action, and also without changing information such as “last seen” and reading received messages.

High priority notifications

When you write a message on WhatsApp, whether in a one-on-one chat or in a group, WhatsApp detects that the message is being written or that audio is being recorded. However, when replying to a message via the high priority notification window, this will not happen. This warning is what appears at the top of the screen when the user receives a message.

High priority notifications are generally activated on all devices, and their activation comes from downloading the app itself. If it is not activated, you will need to go to the WhatsApp home screen and tap on the three dots icon or the gear icon. On the next screen, tap Settings and Notifications. Then enable the “Use high priority notifications” function and click “Reply” when the notification appears.

Offline mode

Another easier way to use WhatsApp without your actions being visible is to activate Airplane Mode or disable Wi-Fi and mobile data. This way, it will be possible to read and respond to received messages without the messenger telling you that you are typing or recording a voice to respond to the content.

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To do this, simply turn off the Internet, type the message or record a voice message and click Send. In order for the message to be delivered to the recipient, you will need to activate the Internet again. Thus, the other participant in the conversation will receive the response, but without monitoring the typing status.