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How does FGTS birthday withdrawal work

How to make an FGTS birthday draw, find out now! » Prime Minister’s Newspaper

NS FGTS birthday pull You are allowed to receive a portion of your FGTS each year in the month you were born. Find out today, 7/11, how the FGTS birthday draw works in daily value!

What is the Employment Compensation Fund – FGTS?

As the name implies, this guarantee fund is derived from the length of service of each worker.

In this way, it is compensated by depositing 8% of the employee’s salary per month into Caixa accounts.

Thus, a worker who received unfair dismissal will receive this protection and will still be able to receive up to the full amount he received per month.

How does Christmas loot work?

It is released on the first day of the anniversary month and is also available for up to 3 months. A worker who chooses this feature withdraws a pre-determined percentage of the FGTS plus an additional premium.

However, if the employee does not withdraw within the allowed date, the amount will be automatically returned to the FGTS.

Understand how withdrawal works on an FGTS birthday. Photo: Pexels

How do you hire?

Employment of this method is not mandatory, in addition, it can be done through the FGTS application itself, through the website acessoseguro.caixa.gov.br, or through the Caixa Econômica agency and application.

Stay tuned!

Those who choose to withdraw at Christmas will not be able to withdraw the full amount of the FGTS if they go through a layoff.

However, anyone who chooses to change to a withdrawal’s birthday can return to a withdrawal withdrawal at any time.

Other types of withdrawals required by law, such as withdrawals for serious illnesses or for the purchase of a private home, also remain in memory of withdrawal.

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In addition, in the event of termination of the contract, the fine is 40% if the refusal was made without just cause, which is still available unchanged.

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