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The new commemorative date will have unmissable promotions in supermarkets

The new commemorative date will have unmissable promotions in supermarkets

Setting a new date in the retail calendar should sharpen sales. a supermarket day It will be celebrated for the first time on November 12. The Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Abras) has been announced. The goal is to celebrate the date with many Discounts.

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Supermarket Day is celebrated every year, always on the second Saturday in November. Abras believes the new date should stimulate demand and ramp up Brazilian consumption with deep discounts. The date was approved by supermarkets, as well as suppliers who supported the idea.

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According to the statement from Abras, the goal is to include retail campaigns in the annual calendar and create a buying expectation in the consumer. “Similar to what happens with Black Friday and other dates like Christmas,” the note considers.

The goal is for Supermarket Day each year to become one of the most awaited dates on the annual calendar. The celebration should result in good consumer purchases, with much higher discounts than traditional ones. While for the markets, it is an additional opportunity to increase sales.

The decision to create a Supermarket Day was made during the Abras Conference 2022. A survey was conducted to ask whether the category would like the date to become a major event, with campaigns with greater impact.

You are consumers Looking forward to history. This will be the first year of the celebration and many families are already planning to take advantage of the date promotions.

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Economy can make a difference for many Brazilian families, especially given the high cost of a basic food basket. According to the Inter-Confederation Department of Statistics and Social and Economic Studies (Dieese), in October the basic food basket was found, on average, at R$750.74 in São Paulo.

In other countries, food inflation also reduces the purchasing power of many families, with a greater impact on those on lower incomes.