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How to hide “Online” and “Typing” from your contacts

Maintaining privacy is very important to most people, but who uses من The WhatsApp It still doesn’t have “official” ways to prevent your contacts from seeing when it’s active in the app. However, there are some capable features. Hide online status and his writing.

It is important to remember that the practice of replying to a message offline can arouse some suspicion. So use the functions we are going to give you carefully to prevent your contacts from thinking that you are hiding from them.

Another important point is that WhatsApp actually allows the account owner to hide their status from existing contacts prevented. But most of the time that’s not what the user wants, so check out our three tips for hiding “online” and “typing”.

1 – Mobile Notifications

The cell phone itself has a function that sends notifications when someone receives a message. Simply activate the feature to see a file Content received On WhatsApp even with a lock screen. The only downside is that the notification does not display the entire content, only a portion of it.

2 – Airplane mode

When this function is activated, the Wi-Fi connection is immediately disconnected. So, just enter the app, read and reply to messages, exit Airplane mode and turn it off. Once you reconnect, messages will be sent, but no one will know that you’re available.

3 – Applications and add-ons

The third and final option is to download applications and browser extensions that provide users with functionality that is not available in the original version yet. The problem is that these tools need certain permissions which are not recommended because they do not provide data security.

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