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Google removes nine apps from Play Store that were stealing Facebook passwords

Google removes nine apps from Play Store that were stealing Facebook passwords

Google recently removed nine Applications From the Play Store who were stealing users’ passwords from it Facebook social networking site. The report of the applications involved in the complaint was sent by Dr. Web Antivirus, which identified the use of software in harmless applications and alerted the company that blocked the software.

The application sector was diverse and among the list were photo editors, cache cleaners – used to improve cell phone performance – and astrology applications, with daily analysis of signs. together, Software It was downloaded nearly 6 million times and included a Facebook login page, which is how hackers stole your login information and passwords.

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“The apps were fully functional, which should have weakened the monitoring of potential victims. Using this, to access all the functionality of the apps and supposedly disable ads in the app, users were asked to log into their Facebook accounts. Ads within some apps were already present and were The goal of this step is to further encourage Android device owners to take necessary action,” according to an excerpt from Doctor’s website report.

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Google removes nine apps from Play Store that were stealing Facebook passwords; paying off. Photo: Dr.Web Antivirus

According to the specialized site, the “model was original” and without signs of fraud, which facilitated the application of the same Trojans to Android phones that downloaded software. The page gives a recommendation to everyone who usually downloads a lot of apps through app stores.

“Doctor Web recommends Android device owners only install apps from well-known and trusted developers, as well as pay attention to feedback from other users. Scans can never provide a guarantee that apps are harmless, but they can still alert you to potential threats. You should also pay attention to When and which apps ask you to sign in to your account “If you’re not sure what you’re doing is safe, you’d better not go ahead and uninstall the suspicious software,” the site said.

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According to Ars Technica, a Google spokesperson said the company has also banned developers from all nine apps as well as software, meaning they won’t be allowed to submit new apps.

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