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Hospital performs first robotic surgery in Joinville;  Learn about the benefits of this procedure

Hospital performs first robotic surgery in Joinville; Learn about the benefits of this procedure

The team during surgery (Image: Unimed, Disclosure)

Unimed Hospital Center performed the first robotic surgery in Joinville this weekend. The operation was performed on Saturday morning (25) to treat a patient with prostate cancer. The specialist doctor explains the benefits of this type of surgery.

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The main benefits of this type of procedure are mainly aimed at the patient, explains the Coordinator of the Robotic Surgery Program at Centro Hospitalar Unimed, Adrián Mauricio Stockler Schener. This is because the operation time is faster, there is greater precision in the cuts, with smaller incisions, which reduces the chances of infection and provides a faster recovery for the person operated on.

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For example, the surgery performed on Saturday took a total of four hours, including all the preparation time for the team, the patient, and anesthesia until the moment the subject woke up. In traditional surgery, this same procedure can last about six hours.

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Moreover, it also brings benefits to the medical team. Schner explains how this type of equipment works.

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— It gives the doctor more independence, has better ergonomics, and provides great precision, thus greatly reducing the chance of bleeding and unintentional injuries. Although the doctor works at the console, at a distance from the patient, all the movements he makes are transmitted and performed by the clamp, by the robotic arms attached to the patient. While we operate there, the doctor has an enlarged view of the surgical field and a 3D view, that is, we can get a deeper view, and as a result, the injuries become much smaller. The benefits are huge – says the coordinator.

According to Schener, robotic surgery is the latest surgical technology available today, both in Brazil and in the world. So all the major hospitals in Brazil have already acquired a robotic platform called Da Vinci, the same platform used at Unimed, for example.

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In addition to urology, which received its first robotic surgery in Joinville, other medical specialties can perform surgeries with the new machines.

– This type of surgery is available for the main specialties, which will be urology, general surgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, especially valve replacement and revascularization, and head and neck surgeries – explains the coordinator.

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