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How to calculate the second installment of the thirteenth salary and avoid headaches

How to calculate the second installment of the thirteenth salary and avoid headaches

Brazilian workers are anxiously awaiting the second installment of their thirteenth salary, which must be paid by the country’s employers by next Wednesday, the 20th. This date has been set by Brazilian legislation as a deadline for providing the amount to employees. ‘Employee accounts.

Employers who do not meet the deadline may face legal consequences, as stipulated in labor legislation. This payment represents an additional source of resources for workers through the end of the year. However, it is important to remember that the amount that will be paid in this second payment is different from what was deposited in November.

How is the thirteenth salary calculated?

All employees who have a formal contract recognized in their work record are entitled to the thirteenth salary bonus. However, the amount each worker will receive varies. It is stipulated in the Brazilian Labor Code that the calculation is based on the time of activity performed during the year.

Therefore, those who have officially worked throughout the year will receive the corresponding amount of additional salary. For workers who have worked for less than one year, the pay will be proportional. Determining how much each employee will receive is simple. Simply divide the salary by 12 and multiply the result by the number of months worked. This will be the total amount received in the 13th salary form.

What deductions are made on the thirteenth paycheck?

However, it is necessary to point out that the 13th salary payment is not complete. He suffers from cuts like a regular salary. Deductions are made on behalf of INSS and income tax and are applied to the second installment of the benefit. These discounts result in a lower final value compared to the down payment.

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