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How does an odor blocker work?

It is a big taboo these days to defecate outside. For many people, this is a huge embarrassment. One reason is that number 2 leaves smells that come out on time from doing what in the bathroom.

But there are solutions to this. One of them is through the use of odor blockers such as FreeCo. This device is the end of the stink and doesn’t let anyone try it anymore. But after all, how does this hygiene product work?

Using the bathroom outside the home can be a nightmare for some people.source: stock struggle

Bowel regulation is synonymous with health

Regular bowel movement is one of the best signs of good health that the body can give us.

And delaying going to the bathroom can have serious consequences. When we hold it for a long time, the stool recedes a little in the intestine and the hangover occurs a lot. Then, at nature’s next call, they can cause fissures and hemorrhoids.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of taboos about poo that prevent some people from doing the number 2 outdoors.

To overcome the problem, there are many strategies and using an odor blocker can be the first step for many people to become more comfortable in these situations. Devices such as FreeCô prevent toilet odor from spreading into the environment.

How does FreeCo work?

a FreeCo It is based on a simple scientific principle: water and oil are immiscible. This means that these two substances do not mix naturally at all.

The freshener works from its essential oils, substances produced by plants, which when sprayed into toilet water create a very thin film. But don’t be fooled by the fish, it is more than capable of keeping the stink particles trapped.

Thus, this new generation of deodorants is fundamentally different from the old one. They do not mix unpleasant odors with pleasant fragrances, creating that peculiar smell that immediately betrays the activity performed. On the contrary, undesirable odors are actually blocked.

FreeCô Blocker prevents the number 2 smell from spreading in the bathroomFreeCô Blocker prevents the number 2 smell from spreading in the bathroomsource: FreeCo

This is also the reason why FreeCô works when applied prior to service. And to avoid embarrassment when doing the number two outside, just 5 sprays directly into the toilet water before use.

Once in use, just wash off the oils and only the pleasant scent of the product’s fragrance will be left in the preserve. Another plus side of blockers like FreeCô is that it uses natural products that don’t harm the environment.

Benefits of odor blockers with essential oils

As a bonus, the essential oils smell good. It has been used since ancient times in the production of perfumes, and nowadays this material is used in the most diverse cleaning and personal hygiene products.

By taking advantage of this special feature of the material, the blockers can have different compositions, giving the customer the option to choose the one he likes the most. FreeCô has four of them.

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The original version is made with lemongrass extract, the first that the company used. Later, products from the Lavender, Spices and Chamomile lines were created, and to help children preserve the smell of the bathroom, Tutti-Frutti.

FreeCô contains a range of aroma blockers with different scentsFreeCô contains a range of aroma blockers with different scentssource: FreeCo

In addition, the company sometimes prepares special editions. In May, IBD Awareness Month, a purple limited edition was launched in support of #sigaempause.

The packaging is also designed to be very practical. Sold in 60ml sizes, the bottles fit into any bag or backpack, and are ideal to keep in the bathroom at home, either for personal use or for receiving guests.

The intestines should also have a place on the priority list for anyone who cares about their health. Unfortunately, all the taboos surrounding using the bathroom when doing the number two make it impossible for many people to calmly respond to nature’s call.

For this reason, creative solutions such as FreeCô blockers have their role. Truly able to prevent the spread of bad odor in the environment, it helps those who are more shy to keep their eyes on the throne fresh and end the shame of defecating outside the home.

Buy FreeCo

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Don’t bother doing number 2 outside the house anymore! With FreeCô technology, you are free, light and free to use the shower when nature calls. Simply spray the toilet 5 times before use and the odor blocker works so that no unpleasant odor forms, take a chance on your FreeCô guarantee.