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22 potential fighters appeared on the net

22 potential fighters appeared on the net

Capcom offered Street Fighter 6 in the State of Play On Thursday night (2) and shortly after the show, photos of the game’s potential cast circulated on the Internet. There will be 22 fighters of the most diverse styles – however, The source of the leak is unknown.

The good news for fans of the series is that there are many familiar faces like Akuma, Ed and Rashid. It is also possible to notice the arrival of new people to enrich the lineup. This is the case of Lily (Mexico), Kimberly (USA) and Aki (China) among the characters.

Even with the unknown author, the photos ended up having ramifications on several forums. In the Resetwere found in great numbers, and of course, all this was repeated On other networks such as Twitter. It’s not official yet, but note the supposed cast of Street Fighter 6:

As mentioned above, it’s worth treating the supposed Street Fighter 6 team with a little caution. It will be safer for Capcom to wait for game details. Until then, treat these potential characters as mere Rumors.

State of Play had a lot more than Street Fighter 6

Sony made several announcements Thursday night (2), in addition to Street Fighter 6. Final Fantasy XVI And the Resident Evil 4 Remake were other highlights. Check out our summary!

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