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A basketball-sized meteor and full moon glow illuminate the sky at RS; Watch the video | Rio Grande do Sul

The fall of a powerful meteor lit up the sky of Tramandi, on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul, around 19:09 on Thursday (23). This phenomenon was recorded by the Heller and Jung space observatories (See the video above). In her brightest moment, she reached Fate -12.5, equivalent to the brightness of the full moon.

The scale measures the brightness of a meteor from an observer on Earth. The brighter an object appears, the smaller its value.

According to Carlos Fernando Young, director of the southern region of the Brazilian Meteorite Observing Network (Pramón) and owner of the observatory, the meteor lasted for 1.76 seconds, and upon entering the atmosphere, it had a mass of 33kg, approx diameter of basketball.

“It’s possible that 10% of this mass came from meteorites on Earth,” says Fernando Young.

Photo of the meteorite that fell in Tramandi, on the coast of Republika Srpska. Photo: Heller and Jung Space Observatory / Disclosure

This is the brightest meteorite ever recorded in Rio Grande do Sul this year. In the past three years, the fall of large meteors has been more frequent, but there is still no explanation for why.

“Right now it’s great to watch these big guys like yesterday, the problem is when they actually land on a city. The most recent one exploded on top of a Russian city”

At its brightest moment, the meteor had an intensity of -12.5, equal to the brightness of a full moon. Photo: Heller and Jung Space Observatory / Disclosure

According to the professor, meteorites, which are fragments of a meteorite, may have fallen into this red strip of Tramandi. Pictures below.

According to Young, parts of the meteorite may have fallen in this range, at Tramandi. Photo: Heller and Jung Space Observatory / Disclosure

Meteorites probably fell in this area, in Tramandi. Photo: Heller and Jung Space Observatory / Disclosure

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