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Health Plans for Pets Grow in Palmas |  tocantins

Health Plans for Pets Grow in Palmas | tocantins

Dog Brisa has a health plan – Image: TV Anhanguera / Breed

Brisa’s happy, healthy face, pictured above, has a reason. In addition to all the care, affection, and love she receives from the teacher, she also gets help from a health plan.

correct. It’s not just people who are entitled to a health plan to cover consultation and hospitalization expenses, for example. Pets also have this right. To maintain your health, follow-up with your vet should be regular. A good alternative for someone who wants to save on this expense, especially when you have a lot of pets. This is an example of nurse Giovanna Carla, who has eight pets, including Prisa. “I had very high expenses, about R$1,200. Making a plan was the best thing in life!” he says.

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A health plan that guarantees pet care – photo: personal archive

Pets are gaining more and more space and esteem in the families of guardians. Thinking about it, health professionals have created pet health plans, which are accepted at many veterinary clinics in the state.

Geovanna has eight pets – photo: personal archive

The operation of these plans is similar to that of a Human Health plan, with monthly fees, a grace period, and even special coverage. The benefits available in each plan may vary depending on the clinic or operator chosen. The main difference between the pet plans for humans is the amount of mandatory procedures that the operators offer.

Increased demand for pet health plans

Demand has grown and vet clinics are celebrating the high demand. Clinic in Palmas enrolls more than a thousand clients served by a personal plan that covers everything from consultations and tests to vaccinations and pet store products. “Today’s pets are children, and sometimes people don’t have children, just pets, and this is the trend. In other states, this is already known and it has been here for a year and a half with us, ”comments veterinarian Bruno Lima.

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The grace period to start accessing plan benefits is also relative and will depend on each company’s internal policy. In another clinic in the center of the capital, coverage varies according to the category chosen by the client. It’s common to remember the health plan in an emergency, but you have to plan for it. “It wins that,” confirms veterinarian Isaac Avlino, “when you start planning consultations for when the animal is not sick yet, to prevent certain diseases, or when the animal starts having symptoms so that they don’t leave it the next day.”

Geovanna plans financially to ensure the health of the pet – photo: personal archive

Planning is part of Giovanna’s life. Not for her, but for her four children. Today I don’t have health insurance, but animals do. “The priority is them,” says Giovanna.