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Brazil reaches 700,000 deaths from Covid-19 |  Science and health

Brazil reaches 700,000 deaths from Covid-19 | Science and health

The Ministry of Health said that expanding coverage of vaccination against Covid-19 is a priority for the portfolio that launched the national movement for vaccination at the end of February – Photo: Agência Brasil

a Brazil This Tuesday it reached the 700k mark dead as a result COVID-19More than three years after the first case was identified in the country, the Ministry of Health reported.

In reporting the level of deaths, the ministry took the opportunity to say that a vaccine is the best form of protection against severe and fatal cases of Covid-19.

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“I want to call for the unity of everyone for our national mobilization. At this moment, we are vaccinating with a booster dose against Covid-19,” Minister Nicia Trindade said in a statement from the dossier.

“We have to look at the past, but at the same time, affirm that the Ministry of Health can no longer make the mistake of not coordinating, not caring, and not treating. We must unite so that new tragedies are not repeated. We are together in this battle, and memory,” the minister added. you will not die”.

The Ministry of Health stated that expanding coverage of vaccination against COVID-19 is a priority with regard to the file that launched the national vaccination movement at the end of this February.

Also according to the ministry, more than 6 million bivalent immune system booster doses have already been applied.

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