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Sleeping with a fan can cause this health problem

Sleeping with a fan can cause this health problem

A seemingly peaceful habit can hide a major health problem. Find out what to do

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Sleeping with a fan can cause this health problem
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To relieve the heat, it is very common for people to use a fan, especially in Brazil, where having an air conditioner is very expensive.

However, for those who are used to it and prefer to sleep with a fan on, it is best to be careful. This is because this habit can promote health risks.

Although seemingly harmless, the practice has been highlighted as a potential cause of uncomfortable symptoms upon waking and even a problem for those who already have pre-existing respiratory symptoms.

Sleeping with a fan can cause this health problem

In an interview with Estadão, Faculdade Anhanguera Biomedical Course Coordinator, Nadia Mambili, highlighted that one of the main problems with sleeping with a fan is the dryness of the nose and throat area due to the constant air flow.

The explanation is that removing natural moisture from the respiratory tract can stimulate irritation and itching and, in more serious cases, facilitate the entry of infectious agents.

“For those who already suffer from respiratory conditions, such as rhinitis or asthma, continued use of a ventilator can worsen symptoms,” he says.

According to Biomedicine, another point that this practice can cause is the spread of dust and mites in the environment. This is because the fan, when moving the air, scatters the particles that fly around.

Therefore, it is possible that the device may favor the appearance of allergies and respiratory problems, especially in those people who are already more sensitive.

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To avoid this condition, the specialist advises people to use air humidifiers, in addition to choosing appropriate clothes and pajamas.

He stressed, “By following these precautions, it is possible to enjoy quieter nights, while achieving a balance between thermal comfort and maintaining respiratory health.”

However, for those who still prefer to use the device, she recommends always keeping it clean, changing filters regularly and using a humidifier in the room.

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