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He tells the millionaire from Mega da Virada in SC what he will do with the prize

He tells the millionaire from Mega da Virada in SC what he will do with the prize

a Small and quiet town of Iberiain Santa Catarina, was the scene of a great transformation yet Mega da Ferrada 2023/2024.

one of its residents, Security guard and fire department volunteerHe was one of the lucky five Get the correct numbers and win a prize of R$ 117 million.

The winner, who organized a group of 30 people with 1,400 simple bets, spoke about the exciting discovery of the prize.

“I was eating dinner during the draw and planned to check the results later online. However, an excited friend called me and shouted, ‘We are rich, we are rich!’”

After the call, euphoria took over and I spent the night awake, partying with friends who had also entered the contest. Each participant will receive approximately R$ 3.9 million.

The winner had already tasted luck by winning R$53,000 in the Mega-Sena corner six months ago, adding to the confidence of his friends in the pool.

The victory brought not only a great change in the life of the winner, but also hope and joy for the Iberra community, which has a population of about 4,800 people. Many award winners dream of buying their own homes.

Despite his wealth, the security guard and volunteer firefighter plans to keep his life simple. He intends to continue working and living in the city of his birth, staying true to his roots.

“I won’t let that get to my mind,” he said, showing his humility and commitment to his roots.

Source: Jornal Razau