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Ex BBB Dhomini apologizes for bar beating: ‘I crossed the line’;  video |  Goyas

Ex BBB Dhomini apologizes for bar beating: ‘I crossed the line’; video | Goyas

Ex BBB Dhomini apologizes for bar beating: ‘I crossed the line’; video

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The case took place on Tuesday afternoon (13). to g 1, the former BBB stated that they had been trying to back out of the deal for 40 days after the alleged misappropriation of funds on the spot and misappropriation. The businessman, Ailton Maranhão, claimed that the former BBB Dhomini was never part of the company and that he was just a “business partner” of the venue.

Former BBB Dhomini apologizes for the beating in a bar, in Goiânia, Goiás – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

This afternoon, Wednesday (14), Domini published a video clip on social media telling his version of what happened and apologizing to his followers. “I made a mistake, I crossed the line as a human being, I crossed the boundaries of another, I am just here to apologize and please all my followers,” the former BBB wrote in the post’s caption.

In the video, he explains that the bar’s partners were betrayed and robbed by Aylton. “Since we could not make a deal, we went to the bar to pick up the things we had bought and mitigate our losses. During this business of ours the confusion happened and it was armed. They knew how to lose my mind and they did,” said Dominy.

“He skillfully tagged me so that the cameras would not capture him and he did it with the purpose of destabilizing me and pushing me out of bounds. I am an imperfect human being, I make mistakes, and I make mistakes, but I cannot be convicted and judged for an inconsequential act that I committed in a situation that had already been hurting me for more than 30 days.” He concludes.

BBB Dhomini’s ex beats a bar owner in Goiânia


André Augusto Ferreira Fontes, also known as Dhomini, gained notoriety around the country when he was champion of the third edition of Big Brother Brasil, in 2003, and for his brief relationship with Sabrina Sato. The former reality participant even returned to the competition for its 13th edition in 2013.

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Security camera videos show moments of aggression committed by former BBB Dhomini, in Goiânia – Image: Reproduction / Security Camera

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