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Has your Nubank card been cancelled?  Find out if you can bring back the color purple

Has your Nubank card been cancelled? Find out if you can bring back the color purple

When your Nubank card Canceled, you may be wondering: “Now what?” This card, known for its ease of use and no fees, has become a favorite among many in Brazil. But sometimes issues like non-payment may lead to cancellation. If this happens, many want to know if there is a way to reactivate the card.

You've canceled the purple color, now what?

Firstly, it is good to understand why you can cancel your Nubank card. This may be for security or virtual reasons or even at the request of the client. If you haven't paid the bill, for example, Nubank can cancel your card according to their rules.

Is there any way to go back?

Now, if your card is cancelled, what can you do? The answer is somewhat depressing: Once the program is cancelled, Nobank says there is no going back. This means that you cannot simply reactivate the card.

If you want your Nubank card again, you will have to order another card and undergo a new credit analysis. And be careful: you will have to use a different email than the one you used on the canceled card.

Avoid cancellation

“Prevention is better than cure,” as the saying goes. To avoid canceling your card, the advice is to keep your bills up to date. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, be sure to contact Nubank to negotiate payment. Fintech can help you find a way to pay what you owe.

Although it is not possible to reactivate a canceled card currently, Nubank is known to always strive to improve and provide solutions to its customers. Who knows, maybe new ways to solve these situations will emerge in the future?

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So, if your Nubank card has been canceled for any reason, unfortunately, reactivating it is not an option. When requesting a new invoice, try to keep your invoices up to date, and if there is a problem, try to negotiate.