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Ferrari files a patent for a six-cylinder hydrogen engine…inverted

Ferrari files a patent for a six-cylinder hydrogen engine…inverted

Even with an all-electric model in development, the Ferrari He seems willing to not be 100% electric. The brand's recently filed patent suggests that the future will still feature its combustion-powered sports cars. The difference (and novelty) in the news lies in the design and propulsion of this engine: hydrogen.

According to the site Automatic guide, the patents were registered in countries such as the USA, China, Japan and also in the European Union, by Fabrizio Favaretto, who has been working at Ferrari for about 24 years, according to his LinkedIn. It's a six-cylinder unit, a format the brand hasn't used in its cars since the 1950s, for example.

European Patent Office/Reproduction

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The reason for returning the set is the size. In this way, it will be possible to share space with the hydrogen tanks used to move the model. However, the new engine's layout is strange, even in its central position. The crankshaft will be facing up, and the cylinder heads will be facing down. This, according to Motor1, will allow the transmission to be placed in a higher position, making room for a more aggressive rear diffuser.

Ferrari's new engine could use F1 technology

Furthermore, the changes will maintain the future sports car's short wheelbase, enhancing drivability. And the innovations don't stop there. The group could, for example, use compressors driven by electric motors, using energy generated by regenerative braking. Another idea is a system similar to F1's MGU-H units.

European Patent Office/Reproduction

The system uses excess heat from the exhaust to drive a turbine, which then converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Another system uses a pair of mechanical compressors, controlled by a dual-clutch transmission instead of a belt. In fact, there are many options.

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But although it is complex, this does not mean that we will see a hybrid Ferrari supercar with a twin-turbocharger, inverted engine and running on hydrogen. Rather, the idea exists. The brand strives to keep its iconic combustion-powered sports cars on the streets, and this complex collection demonstrates that.

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