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happened to you? Apple Music users reported an error

happened to you? On Wednesday, March 22, users of the Apple Music app reported that they were experiencing issues with their music libraries. The bug mainly affected playlists.

According to reports on social media, the problem is global. However, as of now, the bug has been reported on the iPhone version of Apple’s streaming service.

But what is going on with Apple Music?

Some users claim they see other users’ playlists on their account, even though the streaming service’s music libraries are private. Also, a lot of people have commented that some of their playlists simply disappeared from the app.

Reports of users seeing other users’ playlists on their accounts, as well as deleting their own playlists, have surfaced on Reddit and Twitter. This raised suspicion of a possible data leak, but there is no evidence to support this theory.

If it wasn’t for a data leak, do we have a motive?

not yet. The main theory indicated by the users themselves is the synchronization error between Apple servers. This error will mix playlists from different accounts and delete the playlists from the users library. Or, in some more exciting cases, simply delete all playlists.

Until now , apple He did not comment on the problem on its official channels, nor on Apple Music. It is important to stress that the company is usually quick to solve problems of this nature. The company is expected to come forward soon and find a solution for the affected users.

If you are not familiar with Apple Music, it is a music streaming service similar to Spotify and Deezer. However, it is only aimed at users of Apple operating systems, although the utility application is also available for Android users.

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The app is known for offering high quality sound and Dolby Atmos.