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Websites use ChatGPT to summarize long YouTube videos

You know when you come across this video that you really want to watch, but you see how long it is and you give up? Your troubles seem to be over, see?

That’s because a site called Summarize promises to use ChatGPT to sum up YouTube videos. To do this, just copy the video link and run it on the site and Chat bot will do the rest for you.

The novelty is the brainchild of former Twitter, Instagram and Facebook employee Pete Hunt. That is, the boy already has good baggage in his career and promises to improve the way he watches videos.

interface summarize It’s very simple, no-fuss, straight to the point so you can take advantage of the tool.

Image: recap/run

How was the summary site created?

To add some cool functionality and bring something for the public to use so that ChatGPT can help, Hunt used the ChatGPT integration API and made minor tweaks. Instead of taking text as input, the Chat bot His ability used to describe what he “sees” on screen.

If you want to know more details about how Recap works, on the website you will find some explanations, such as information on how it works and links to sample videos. In addition, there is a part where it displays the last ten contents summarized by users of the platform.

All in a transparent and simple way, so that the user can run their own video links and make good use of the site. Just remember that the summary only works for longer videos. This means if you have a short video clip to summarize, it doesn’t recognize the format.

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Now, if you have a video longer than an hour, the summary breaks down the contents by times. All this to provide a good summary succinctly within the user’s ability to understand. You can learn platform summarization Click here.