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Haddad says the government is considering taxing up to 500 companies with “super-profits”.

Haddad says the government is considering taxing up to 500 companies with “super-profits”.

Photo: Adriano Machado/O Antagonista

Minister of Finance , Fernando Haddad (photo) today that Government studies that tax up to 500 corporations have “Super Profits” And don’t pay taxes. Batista made the statement in an interview with bandnews. The Minister reiterated that Planalto does not intend to introduce new taxes or increase existing rates.

We are talking about those who do not pay. Today, those who do not pay are the largest Brazilian companies. […] We are talking about large companies that have profitability. in 400 to 500 [empresas] With super profits, which, with illegal files, made it appear in the tax system to be indispensable, like subsidizing the cost of a company making a profit. If a company is making a profit, why would the government subsidize this company? “, Haddad said, referring to tax incentives that states give companies, via ICMS, which can deduct that credit from the federal tax calculation base.

The minister claimed that today there are between R$400 billion and R$500 billion that the state does not collect. However, Haddad reasoned, the government does not intend to change part of this amount, which corresponds, for example, to Santas Casas or the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

Haddad also said that the new financial framework would result in lower interest rates, currently at 13.75% annually. “If the accounts are sound, there is no reason for interest rates to rise.”He said.

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