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Learn how to use the benefit that releases R0.00 to Nubank customers

Learn how to use the benefit that releases R$200.00 to Nubank customers

Nubank customers can always count on some kind of advantage from the bank and hence, they end up choosing fintech as one of their favourites. Some time ago, the institution released a new function that gives R$200 to those who want to spend on the card.

If you want to know more about the method and how to activate it in your app if you are already a Nubank customer, keep following the article below to learn more about the functionality.

Nubank released another recent feature that unlocks R$200 for users who want to spend on the card. Check out how to use it! / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

R$200 to spend on the Nubank Card

Nubank customers who use a credit card have access to many facilities. One positive point, for example, is obtaining a line of credit in a very simple way, which does not involve proof of income to reach the spending limit.

However, customers who open a fintech account can take advantage, for example, of the opportunity to free up R$200 to be used with the help of the card, which works by issuing payments in approximation. In this case, it applies both to the quantity with the plastic present and to the use of NFC, which is to pay with a card by bringing the cell phone closer.

In other words, anyone who makes purchases with a proximity can spend up to R$200 without having to enter the device password, just by touching the card or cell phone to the device. The job is currently open to all fintech clients, even those with a debit-only function.

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How can I activate the function?

Finally, to start the round payments feature, you need to access the Nubank app (Android: https://bityli.com/vENGmP or iOS: https://bityli.com/yrlJpS) and then access Settings. There, just inform that you want to pay by card using rounding. Remember that this function can be deactivated at any time the user wants, just by clicking in the same place.

If you prefer, the user can still keep the payment rounded with the password, ensuring more security, though easy. For example, if plastic is stolen, or even a cell phone, criminals will not have access if the policy function is not enabled.

Although, it is also possible to fix some other functions within the same approach, such as the purchase limit, for example, which can be precisely lowered to maintain the ease of functionality, but without harming yourself in case something gets out of hand.

It’s worth noting that for purchases over R$200, the card will ask for the password anyway, regardless of whether it’s physical or NFC, so it’s a good idea to set the limit. Customers with any questions can still contact Nubank through the chat within the app itself.

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