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Grêmio announces new developments in its Science, Health and Performance division

Grêmio announces new developments in its Science, Health and Performance division

The staff already works on a daily basis in Grêmio's dressing room. (Photo: Lucas Obel/Gremio)

Grêmio now has new professionals who are now part of the daily lives of the athletes in the team, performing specific functions for CT Presidente Luiz Carvalho. The experts are part of the Science, Health and Performance Department and direct their efforts towards the complete development of athletes.

Cardiologist Anderson Donnelly will take on the role of medical advisor, providing critical support in his area of ​​expertise and acting as a liaison with the club's medical partner, Muinhos de Viento Hospital. With the aim of achieving professional advancement for Grêmio members, doctor Jardel Tessari has been promoted from the youth categories to the main team.

To promote excellence in athletic performance, physical trainer Franklin Robust has been added to the team. He will be responsible for transferring athletes from physical therapy to field training, in addition to leading preventive exercises.

Nutritionists Giuliano Márquez and Edoardo Ettore have been appointed and join existing nutritionist Bruno Guerra to promote the development of the sector. Physiotherapy trainee William Fredericks arrives to complete the team.

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“It is with great enthusiasm that we are integrating new professionals into our team. This formation not only reinforces our commitment to sporting excellence, but also reflects our continued investment in evaluating internal talent and adopting updated methodologies. Integrating these professionals into the Science, Health and Performance Department is an important step in our goal of providing comprehensive support.” And high quality for our athletes.”, said DCSP Coordinator, Rafael Parles.

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