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Wonderful!  Science reveals the ideal and most attractive body type - post

Wonderful! Science reveals the ideal and most attractive body type – post

Usually, when a woman talks about her personal image, she reveals her dissatisfaction with some features of her body. This statement is not mine, it comes from research that proves that most women’s complaints are related to weight and appearance.

If this outburst of bad thoughts was already recurring in front of the mirror, it was only made worse by the rise of social media and exposure. The problem is that all excessive self-criticism brings about insecurities, emotional problems, overeating, frustration, bad moods, and shyness. But a study demystified the culture of thinness imposed by society.

What you are about to read now may prevent you from accessing websites or magazines that promise “miracle” tips for getting a slim body. Although losing weight has become an obsession for many, it is completely wrong to think that thinness is synonymous with beauty, health and attractiveness.

After analyzing women from more than 20 ethnic groups, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, concluded that if there is an ideal body type for women, it is not similar to the body of supermodels, that is, it contains much more. Regarding the specific distribution of body fat as an hourglass, analyzed by waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).

The research took into account factors such as body measurements (legs and hips), age, face, lips, nose, and hair. British actress and model Kelly Brook’s body profile exemplifies this pattern. The study author commented: “The evidence from this study shatters the myth that beauty is constantly changing and superficial. Judging attractiveness based on numbers determined by waist-hip ratio is a powerful phenomenon evident in many cultures.” Dr. Devendra Singh.

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The conclusion is important for deconstructing the standards of beauty that suggest that only skinny women are attractive. By understanding this, many will avoid excessive cosmetic procedures and harsh diets that pose health risks.

Gravity and fertility

Another interesting point of the study is that since we grew up, what we consider beautiful are health-reflecting properties. Dr Devendra Singh added: ‘I have provided data to demonstrate that the magic of the hourglass shape is ‘programmed’ in the human brain as it provides important biological information about women’s health and fertility status.

That’s because beauty in the scientific sense of the word is linked to instincts.

“A body with larger hips and breasts (an hourglass shape) is essentially a biomarker for men. Larger hips indicate that a woman has enough room to hold a developing baby, as well as the strength to push it out. It’s no wonder women analyzed fashion and beauty writer Amanda Loren With more pain than men.”

human hangers

At the age of 13, I, like many other girls, was the victim of articles promoting the idea that the perfect body is one in which we see our bones. At the time, overwhelmed by this thought, I went on a strict diet unchecked and subsequently developed anorexia and bulimia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that at least 1% of the world’s population suffers from one of these two diseases. It seems pointless, but it isn’t. They are among the eating disorders that affect about 4.7% of the Brazilian population (during adolescence this rate can rise to 10%).

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This is because many women think that if they are very thin they will be more beautiful and acceptable and will get more likes on the networks.

Currently, due to the excessive worship of the body, increasingly blurred boundaries separate what is normal and what is pathological. A simple diet can subtly lead to disease. The desire to feel good and beautiful(x) can stealthily turn into an obsession.

And although the study showed that beauty has nothing to do with being thin, this thought is encouraged every day by modeling agencies, magazines, programs and publications. influencers etc.

Although Brooke’s body was described as perfect, the modeling agency suggested that she lose weight. Director Jennifer Lee, who worked with legendary Chanel artistic director Karl Lagerfeld, said the reason was that models “should sell clothes and not convey an image of fertility and pregnancy.” “You are designers They choose models that can act as ‘clothes hangers’ and can show the lines and structure of the pieces they’re wearing.”

New ideas = new attitudes

Therefore, even though society lives in a time when stories of people who have lost a lot of pounds and who have lean bodies are being sold today as sources of inspiration and motivation, it is necessary to be careful.

The best way to have a healthy body is to take care of the inside first. Whoever loves each other has a balance. Appearance and daily diet should reflect this appreciation.