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A woman quits 27 minutes into work after figuring out how to do hotel cleaning

A woman quits 27 minutes into work after figuring out how to do hotel cleaning

An American woman said she quit minutes after starting her job after seeing how cleaning was done in a hotel

Photo: Clone/TikTok

The U.S. resident's first day of service lasted much less time than expected. In a report on social media, the woman, known on TikTok as “Laugh Track,” recalled the experience that led her to leave her job just 27 minutes after starting her new job. The post received great resonance on the platform, garnering more than 260,000 likes. The case was published by No nation.

The American's experience as a cleaner occurred in a hotel located in Georgia, USA. “They explained to me what tasks I would be doing and I chose to accept the offer,” the woman says. However, everything changed on the first day.

Upon entering the first room, Lauck began gathering his cleaning supplies: “I got gloves and bleach and said, ‘Okay, let’s get to work,’” he recalls. But her colleague suddenly interrupted her, saying: “No, no, no, no.” At that moment, Laugh realized something was wrong.

Then the American's colleague began using duct tape to remove the supposed debris from the ground. Then he sprayed some bleach in the room, saying: “Okay, the bathroom is clean.”

This situation had already left her dissatisfied, but it wasn't over yet. When Laughah tried to dismantle the bed to change the used covers, her colleague stopped her again. “She turned on the vacuum cleaner and ran it over the dirty sheets,” the American recalls. “Then she made the bed and that was it.”

Another point that bothered the 'laugher' was the fact that his colleague did not replace the coffee cups used by the previous guests. Laugh mentioned that she had just washed them.

“So I said, 'Oh, okay,' and I wrapped my coat around me, which was on the back of one of the chairs, and left the hotel,” he says. The American received several comments from people who experienced similar situations in their work. One netizen commented: “Never trust a hotel again.”

Source: Redacao Terra

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