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Grace’s wedding becomes a burial.  look at the pictures

Grace’s wedding becomes a burial. look at the pictures

Graça’s (Agatha Moreira) wedding will turn into a burial in the Wednesday chapter (9) of Terra e Paixão. After all, Cayo (Kawa Raymond) is going to leave her at the altar and run off with Aline (Barbara Reese). Desperate, daughter Gladys (Leona Cavalli) grabs the first pair of scissors she can find to tear off her dress at the 9 a.m. Opera Globo.

The math teacher will have a ‘fairy tale’ day with the help of Anely (Tatá Werneck) and Lucinda (Débora Falabella) in Walcyr Carrasco’s series. They’ll even get a dress from Graça’s own boutique to leave Gusara’s daughter (Tatiana Tibúrcio) flawless.

Barbara Reese’s character will take Caillou to the locker before the ceremony to get him to forgo taking on the “debt” left by Daniel (Johnny Massaro).

Aline (Barbara Reese) attends the wedding, wearing a dress from Boutique Graça

“I came to look you in the eye before I ruin your life. You can take care of your nephew without having to marry Grace. I told you to follow your heart. But I didn’t follow mine. I told you I love you. I don’t know what I would do without you,” Allen will declare. “That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard,” he reciprocates.

They are about to kiss when Irene (Gloria Pierce) invades the closet to shake her stepson. Allen will decide to leave, and Caio, confused, will be persuaded by his stepmother to return to the altar. “Look, you can’t go after her. Do you want to end Graça’s life? Let’s go back to the altar now,” he commands.

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However, the producer will not be able to keep the agreement, abandoning the ceremony:

Sorry Grace. Forgive me… but I… I… can’t marry you! I can’t do this in my life. not with you. I know it will hurt, but… I can’t! I can’t marry you. impossible! I can’t. And I will not marry you! I am not going!.

Princess day

Anely is the one who will give him a boost to rebuild Aline, encouraging her to get ready and go to the wedding. It will be there that the girl will see her love again, reconnect with him and force him to abandon his fate. Grace will be the most affected in this story, especially since the idea will come from someone who claimed to be her friend.

Graça arrives at the altar led by her father in Terra e Paixão

Luigi’s lover (Rainer Cadet) will mean no harm. She will feel sorry for the teacher who will spend her days with her head down. The stripper also knows that Caio doesn’t like Graça. Because of this, he will hatch a whole scheme to help the country girl impress the handsome guy.

The girl will sit down with Lucinda and Allen herself to think about the options. “I’m out of my mind. But I decided to go to church. Can you help me? I want to be pretty and tidy. I want to go and look into Caio’s eyes at wedding time,” he releases the aggrieved girl.

“Aline, you’re going to this beautiful, glorious wedding! You’re going to leave Caillou drooling…”, Camerel returns excitedly. You will leave the hostel room with everything in mind. She is going to look for Luigi and ask her lover to steal a dress from the Graça store.

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