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The United Kingdom donates an arsenal of long-range missiles to Ukraine

The United Kingdom donates an arsenal of long-range missiles to Ukraine

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace takes part in a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, not pictured, at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., on April 17, 2023 (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP)

The British government will send rockets Weapons of the Ukrainian army, according to a statement by the Minister of Defense V.I United kingdomBen Wallace. “Today I can confirm that the UK is donating Storm Shadow missiles Ukraine. Wallace explained to the House of Commons of the European Parliament: The possible deployment, which has now been ratified, has been met with threats from Russia, which interprets these new capabilities of Ukraine as an escalation that will be proportionately answered. In his statement, Wallace said the donation of these weapons systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend itself against Russian brutality, especially deliberate attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, which contravene international law.

The minister stressed that “Ukraine has the right to defend itself against this,” stressing that these missiles “will allow Ukraine to expel the Russian forces located within the territory under Ukrainian sovereignty.” The Minister of Defense stated that he did not plan to talk about the capabilities of these missiles, but noted that “these systems are not even at the level of the Russian supersonic AS-24 killjoy missiles,” nor are they at the “Caliber” level. The cruise missiles, which have a range of 2,000 kilometres, is about seven times the range of Storm Shadow.” “Russia must realize that its actions have led to the supply of these systems to Ukraine,” the British minister concluded, concluding that this was a “measured and proportionate response to the Russian escalation.” .

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* With information from the EFE Agency