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A sweatshirt steals the show in “Barbie” and the search for the piece explodes

A sweatshirt steals the show in “Barbie” and the search for the piece explodes

A detail in the last minutes of “Barbie” conquered fans of the movie released on the 20th. According to data from Google Trends, in the last 24 hours, the phrase “Ken enough” recorded more than 1550% of searches on the search engine in Brazil. The phrase is on a sweatshirt that Kane (Ryan Gosling) wore at the end of production.

In the US, the trend is also up: “I Am Enough Hoodie Barbie” recorded a growth of more than 350% in the same period.
The piece that Gosling’s character wears revolves around the final message of Barbie’s eventual companion evolution. To complete his persona, he wears a sweatshirt all in rainbows, catching the attention of those who watched the feature film.

Officially, the similar product can be found on Mattel’s website responsible for the rights to the doll world for $60 USD. For example, sizes M and XL (extra large, in the US) are sold out this Monday. In Brazil, other unofficial websites sell the same blouse at varying prices.

In addition to the pullover, you can find a hat, a mug and a T-shirt with the word “Kenough” written on it. (fullbrass)

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