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Government releases PIS 2024 calendar with values?

Government releases PIS 2024 calendar with values?

Despite great expectations, the Brazilian government has not announced the start of PIS 2024 payments, referring to the base year of 2022, yet. The delay is due to the general disruption caused by the pandemic. The PIS/PASEP calendar that was expected at the end of December has not yet shown the PIS pay days for base year 2022, as well as the amount of the premiums.

In addition to the lack of dates, Brazilian workers also face uncertainty about the amounts they will receive. The PIS 2024 amount is not yet known, as it is determined based on the minimum wage for the year of pay. This special definition is only possible after the announcement of the minimum wage for 2024 by the government of President Lula (PT).

What are the requirements for PIS 2024?

In light of the current uncertainty, it is important to clarify who is entitled to PIS. Workers who have remained employed with official registration throughout the 2022 base year will be entitled to the bulk of PIS. Furthermore, there are other criteria to consider to obtain a PIS for the base year 2022.

What are the possible dates and values ​​for PIS 2024?

This and other information will be officially published by the government soon. This alert is necessary: ​​Workers who meet the requirements should pay attention to the officially provided information to find out when they will receive the PIS benefit related to the base year 2022. Updates on the payment calendar will be provided by the appropriate bodies through official communication channels.

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Since we are in 2023, we can expect this information to become available soon. Although the dates and amounts of Social Security System compensation are highly anticipated, workers must wait patiently as the country overcomes the difficulties caused by the epidemic. Official information is key and will avoid any unnecessary confusion or speculation.