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Sam Altman has been fired as CEO of OpenAI

Sam Altman has been fired as CEO of OpenAI

Sam Altman He was fired as CEO of OpenAI. The company confirmed the unexpected change through From an official announcement made on Friday (17) He states that he “no longer trusts his ability to continue leading OpenAI.”

Departure takes place after review by the AI ​​company’s board of directors. The conclusion was that Altman “was not consistently candid in his communications, which impaired his ability to exercise his responsibilities.”

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Change is an unexpected turn of events to say the least. Altman attended the DevDay conference, the company’s first for developers, last week. The event was marked by the announcement of many new features to compete with other technology giants such as Google.

Who takes on the role?

Mira Moratti, the company’s chief technology officer, will be OpenAI’s interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent successor.

A member of the leadership team for five years, Mira played a key role in developing OpenAI into a global leader in AI. She brings a unique set of skills, an understanding of the company’s values, operations and business, and truly leads the research, product and security functions. Given her long tenure and close involvement in all aspects of the company, including her expertise in AI governance and policy, the Board believes she is uniquely qualified for this role and expects a smooth transition as she conducts the search. .


Altman co-founded OpenAI and Until I acted as co-chairman alongside Elon Musk, who left the company in 2018 due to a conflict of interest with Tesla. The CEO has also been considered the face of OpenAI, whose AI boom began with the surprise success of ChatGPT.

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Who is Sam Altman?

  • Samuel Altman is an American programmer and entrepreneur who served as the CEO of OpenAI, one of the most famous companies in the contemporary technology scene.
  • In 2005, when he was just 19 years old, Altman played a key role in founding Loopt.
  • The social network was shut down in 2012 and was sold for approximately US$43 million.
  • In 2015, the programmer founded an artificial intelligence company that raised $1 billion in its first year and struck a multi-billion-dollar partnership with Microsoft in 2019.
  • The agreement has already borne many fruits, including integrating ChatGPT features into Bing and the Microsoft Edge browser.