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Google Maps copies WhatsApp and launches an identical but improved feature

Google Maps copies WhatsApp and launches an identical but improved feature

Brazil is the second most used country for WhatsApp in the world, losing first place only to India. According to Statista data, in total, there are 147 million people online on the messenger, which has numerous functions. Recently, one of them was “copied”. Google Maps: da Location in real time.

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Despite being one of the most widely used geolocation services today, Google Maps recently launched a real-time option, with location enabled. Another new feature includes creating a link that can be shared with the user's contacts.

The launch has now become an important tool for those who prefer Maps over other location apps, like Waze, for example. Another positive point includes increased security for the user, who will not need external applications to access this function.

Google Maps real-time location gets an added advantage

People who get Location link on Google Maps You will be able to see the following data:

  • Latest device location, even if Maps is turned off;
  • Shows the name and profile picture of the person who shared the information;
  • Arrival and departure times, if the route has a weather forecast;
  • In addition to the life of the cell phone battery whether it is charged or not.

Briefly: This is the same idea used in WhatsApp, but with an additional difference. The battery is perfectly fine, especially for anxious people, because it will help prevent the other person from becoming anxious if they stop responding unexpectedly.

How to send real-time location via maps

Interested in taking advantage of the new Google Maps tool? Then follow the steps below:

  • Access the Maps application on your cell phone;
  • Go to your profile picture and select the “Share Location” option;
  • Go to the next screen and choose the duration of the real-time location function;
  • Once done, you can now share the link in any app on your phone;
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It is worth noting that participation ends after the deadline specified on the smartphone. However, you can expect to deactivate it manually.