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Google Bart introduces ChatGPT competitor for US and UK audiences

Google Bart introduces ChatGPT competitor for US and UK audiences

oh Google The robot was made available this Tuesday (21). Bart For use by the general public in the United States and United Kingdom. The app competes with ChatGPT which has been successful since its launch in November 2022.

Bart uses artificial intelligence to respond to commands based on users’ questions and information from the Internet. “Your creative and helpful collaborator, here to boost your imagination, boost your productivity and bring your ideas to life,” says the app’s introduction.

Company Made available for use From Bard to ‘trusted testers’ in February. This Tuesday, it was released to US and British residents.

It has not been disclosed when access will be expanded to other countries. In Brazil, the platform “Bart is currently not available in your country. Wait!” displays the message.

Bart is powered by a conversational neural language system developed by Google, Lambda. The tests considered a geographically diverse group to better understand how average users would react to an AI tool.

Virtual robots

A wave of robots is dominating the internet, offering detailed answers from simple instructions. One of the most popular, ChatGPT, became the fastest growing app in history two months after its launch.

ChatGPT does a job Collection of data available on the Internet, analyzing how people communicate and how sentences are put together. From there, create the original text. That is, unpublished answer, not plagiarism.

According to a professor of artificial intelligence at the University of São Paulo (USP), Alexandre Chiavegatto Filho, the tool can identify the keywords of a search and associate words and concepts with information.

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Meta-platforms, which own Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google. Creates a tool Artificial Intelligence to rival ChatGPT. The product, called LAMMA, is still in the testing phase.