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Globo's reporter started a campaign to eradicate Lys

Globo’s reporter started a campaign to eradicate Lys

TV Globo reporter Rodrigo Carvalho, the station’s correspondent in London (UK), spoke out against Doctor Les Caldas, the first confirmed participant in “BBB 22”.

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/rodrigo_carvalhogomes/Reproduction/TV GloboBBB 22: Globo reporter begins campaign to eliminate Laís

On his Twitter profile, the journalist wrote “#Fora Laís” to show his displeasure at the post with Goiás, and said that the fact that she was on the front line of the fight against covid-19 “is the least” he can do. I did for the population.

“Away with Lais. “I worked on the front line against Covid.” It’s minimal. Doctor, wow. I, huh, posted Carvalho, who during “BBB 21” was also a diligent viewer of the reality show.

Who is not?

Laís was the first participant to be announced at “BBB 22”. From Crixás, in Goiás, she is a doctor and works on the front lines against covid-19. She said that she has two famous fans, being a former participant in “BBB 21”: her compatriot Rodolfo. The doctor also said that she admires actor Cayo Castro.

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