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Patricia Abravanel cheers for Tiago even after his nephew points out homophobia

Patricia Abravanel cheers for Tiago even after his nephew points out homophobia

Presenter Patricia Abravanel, aunt of Thiago Abravanel, announced her support for the singer After confirming his entry to BBB22. The statement comes even after her nephew criticized her last year for being homophobic. Silvio Santos’ daughter described the artist on Instagram as “courageous” and promised to watch Globo’s reality show.

“I can’t believe it! How brave he is! I’ve never seen a BBB, now I will! I don’t even know what day is going by! How brave he is! Imagine the butterflies in his stomach oh my gosh, may he surprise and occupy us even more with your cuteness and your playful and sensitive personality!” I’ll be in the crowd and trying to keep up! Abrava takes the BBB! ​​I’m sure Brazil will fall in love with you even more! Go ahead, Tiago Abravanel,” wrote Patricia.

In 2021, Thiago used his social media to respond to a comment from his aunt. On this occasion, presenter Vem Pra Cá She mocked the acronym LGBTQIA+ and demanded more understanding of gay people from whom she called “conservative”.

“I think first of all, sexual orientation is not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of respect. You don’t have to be like me, but you have to respect who I am and that’s final. It’s not a matter of forgiveness, aunt, calm down. People suffer because of it, people die because of it.” When a gay man or couple walks down Avenida Paulista and has a flashlight on their head, there’s no time to explain: “Look, just a minute, let me explain to you that we’re dating and you have to respect…” There’s no time to explain,” he said.

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In all, BBB22 It will have ten celebrities and ten unknowns in the cast. In addition to Abravanel, other well-known public figures who will be on the ground are dancer Bruna Gonçalves, singers Lynne da Quebrada and Nayara Azevedo, influencer Jade Bacon, actress Maria, athlete Paulo André Camilo and surfer Pedro Scobe. The reality show starts on Monday (17).

Check out Patricia Abravanel’s post below: