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Psychiatrist Daniel Barros says that sadness and joy coexist at the same time and place

Psychiatrist Daniel Barros says that sadness and joy coexist at the same time and place

a CNN Our World On Friday (23), he conducted an interview with psychiatrist Daniel Barros, who analyzed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global population and how to deal with anxiety and depression in these times.

In the United Kingdom, researchers at the University of Oxford analyzed the health records of 236,000 patients, most of them from the United States, and found that 34% were diagnosed with psychological or neurological problems within six months after the injury.

Among the main symptoms reported in the study are depression, anxiety and panic.

According to the survey, patients were 16% more likely to develop mental or neurological disorders after Covid-19 compared to other respiratory illnesses and 44% more than people recovering from influenza.

Scientists warn: “The virus is a direct threat to our brain, and the war against the invisible enemy promises to be long.”

“Sadness and joy live together at the same time and place”

Daniel Barros, psychiatrist

According to Barros, “The epidemic has increased the already anticipated problems.” To counteract the sadness caused by the serious moment in which humanity is experiencing, the specialist recommends seeking to “see the good side” of situations.

Flexibility can fight mental fatigue.

Daniel Barros, psychiatrist

Daniel Barros said: “We cannot lose humanity to the virus. (…) If we are no longer able to laugh, the virus has triumphed.”

Daniel Martins de Barros is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of the South Pacific School of Medicine and a Physician at the Institute of Psychiatry at Das Clinics Hospital, in addition to a Doctor of Science and Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of the South Pacific.

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Interviewed by Lia Bock, Thaís Herédia and Roberta Russo, Luciana Barreto led the cuteness. a CNN Our World Shows on Friday, starting at 10:30 pm.

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* Edited by Daniel Fernandez