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Tiago Leifert chorando no Super Dança dos Famosos

Thiago Levert reveals he was bullied by a university professor: “Fascism”

The former BBB presenter said in an interview that he was persecuted by his father’s profession

Reproduction / Globo – 08/29/2021Thiago Leverett left Globo last year to take care of his daughter

In an interview with the presenter of the podcast “Fala, Brasolho” Thiago Levert He revealed that he went through embarrassing situations and Authoritarianism While attending college the press. According to him, the teacher was teasing him because his father, Gilberto Levert, was employed at Globo TV. He would say, in the middle of the classroom, ‘There’s a little playboy boy who came here to buy a diploma, right? My dad works in the mainstream media, he’s settled now. So, said Tiago, at me, I swear to God. “I’m so cold-blooded, it takes some time for me to lose patience. She didn’t fall into provocation, I let him speak. Because there’s a little fascist here,” he said, at me. And the banana group that studied with me too, no one said anything. About his relationship with his father while working for TV Globo, Thiago said they had no connection. My dad was from Globo’s commercial segment, I’ve never been affiliated with him in my life, he was from another department. My father was never a follower or superior to any of my superiors whatsoever,” he explained. In the conversation, Thiago also revealed that his embarrassment prompted him to finish his studies in Miami, United States.

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