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To the customs: SS very much on its own, never mentioned retirement – Prisma

Silvio Santos and Ratiño in an old photo, but they were together a few days ago in the United States
playback / instagram

Here, a few days ago, based on information from people very close to him, it was revealed that Silvio Santos no longer wanted to return to the helm of his weekly programme. Who is already and will continue to be sponsored by Patricia Abrafanel.

But his chances of doing “trophy journalism” are pretty good. The entire production is well presented, the finalists have been decided, and he is left with only one position as to when he will be taped and whether or not to participate.

This was also advised that this will only be decided when you return from vacation in April.

Leaving the scene discreetly, without calling in too much light at the top, is very much in its nature.

It is also characteristic of our hero not to put any weight on any decision and change everything overnight. Appointment today, there is what is there. For any novelty other than this one, we’ll be back in an unusual version.

Note: As for the citizen Senor Abrafanel, he is following his rest at the beginning of the year. He spends most of his time watching TV, it’s true, but he’s in good health and a good life, thank you.

Rafaella Mandelli in “Mila no Multiverso”

spread in the world

“Mila no Multiverso”, a Disney + sci-fi series, with Rafaela Mandelli, Malu Mader, Laura Luz and Felipe Montanari, has been made available in many countries around the world.

The United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Italy and all of South America are some of these places.

get this

The improvement of ‘Travessia’, noted in its later chapters, relies a lot on Chay Suede’s character and the work that actor has done.

Merit also goes to writer Glória Perez, who has found a way out to give the soap opera a new impulse.


As previously commented here, the combination of a soap opera with around 50 stable actors in a cast, aside from special engagements, puts the vast majority of actors and actresses on the fence for many seasons.

And that’s exactly what happens in Travessia.

By the way

And this applies not only to “Travessia”, but to all TV series, which no longer include in the editorials, basically, the names of all the actors.

Only the most famous or those in leading roles. Either leave it until the end credits or even that. unpleasant.

You owe

In the reality of confinement, the cast is everything and then some. The evidence is important, there is no doubt about that. But nothing beats the performance of the selected participants.

But these “BBB23” people are still in debt and the criticism is spreading on social networks. At that moment, it is up to the program production to ignite more “fire in the stadium”.

My fault

We are all addicted to comparisons. Often inappropriately, without much sense.

Rodrigo Bocardi and Alain Medlej did what they had to do broadcasting the performances of the Samba School in São Paulo. They are preparing for this and even received praise from Chico Pinheiro, who preceded them in Globo’s work. f point.

We fail

With Rede TV on carnival holidays, it was understood that there would be no more requests for sambadinha in private.

Fatal error. There was a Globo reporter in charge.

Fernanda Cola in “GEC”


Fernanda Keola, André Vasco and Edilson Kapetina join the celebration at “Galera Esporte Clube” this Monday, at 22:30, on Rede TV!.

The program will include special materials on the courts of the Gaviões da Fiel, Dragões da Real and Mancha Verde samba schools.

Divan – 1

Each exclusive reality show, in the segment that interests us, “A Fazenda” and “Big Brother” provides all medical support to the participants.

Among these services, of course, psychologists.

Divan – 2

Willingly or forcibly, Christian, from “BBB”, has been X9 with the groups on, give and take. Burned with almost everyone.

Traira was the least he could hear. Such pressure, on national television, everyone has to imagine is not easy.


Last week, after more than a month off, “A Praça” was recorded again normally at SBT.

Forward, which will only air on March 2. The climate was, unlike other times, one of the most friendly at the reunion.


At Globo itself, there is an understanding that using Paola Carosella it could happen in a better and more interesting way.

“My mother cooks better than yours,” was certainly not the most appropriate.

movie theatre

Paris Filmes has set the national release of “Meu Nome é Gal” for September 21.

The film, about the course of Gal Costa (1945-2022), stars Sophie Charlotte.

Renata Bras is back with “A Jealousy”.


On March 3, Renata Bras returns with the monologue “A Ciomenta”, at the Teatro Paiol, in São Paulo.

Dramatic comedy. The story of a woman who feels unhealthy jealousy of her husband and seeks to discover the reasons for this.

knock knock

• Vinícius Scribel will make a cameo appearance in “Vai na Fé”…

• …and look how interesting: Vinicius’ twin brother, Gabriel, will be at the end of “Travessia” by Globo, too.

• Daniel Siwick, who hosted the TV series “Os Dez Mandamentos,” released the song “Despite What You Say” on SpandMusic on Friday.

• Alice Wegmann confirmed for the second season of “Justiça” by Manuela Dias …

• …which will in no way contradict the work I’ve also accepted from HBO Max, “Fatal Beauty”.

• “Mar do Sertão”, from Globo, has already entered the last part of the recordings …

• … very little is missing. Maybe just another week of work and period…

• … is on the air until March 17th, with many special guests, including Marcelo Adnet.

• Paramount + is working in partnership with Livemode to broadcast football …

• … and will even participate in your decks when necessary.

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