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Genoma SUS is recruiting fellows in the fields of data science and bioinformatics

Genoma SUS is recruiting fellows in the fields of data science and bioinformatics

The SUS Genomas Project is open for applications for select scholarship holders who have up to two years of experience in the fields of data science and bioinformatics. Scholarships are offered to work in the program in eight cities in Brazil, including Guaraboava, as well as for remote work. Scholarships for 40 hours per week, with values ​​that can reach R$ 12,000.

The project selects candidates with at least two years of post-graduate experience for technological and research grants, preferably in person. In addition to basic bioinformatics skills, the candidate must provide references and demonstrate experience in one or more of the following: IT infrastructure management for genomics and bioinformatics; Genetic analysis pipelines; Population genomic analyses; Analyzes of genotype-phenotype association studies; clinical genomics; and data security.

One of its goals is to generate and analyze data from 21,000 complete genomes of Brazilians to be sequenced. Founded in 2020, Genomas Brasil has been developed along two lines: genomic sequencing to predict disease risks, allowing for safer and more effective treatments for patients, and the use of advanced therapies (such as cell, gene and engineered tissue therapies based on human therapy). cells).

Genome SUS includes eight research centers in six states, two of which are in Paraná: in Guarapuava, with activities developed at the Central Western State University (Unicentro), in partnership with the Institute of Cancer Research (Ipec), and in Curitiba, at the Carlos Chagas Institute (ICC). Associated with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

To participate in the selection process, simply access Registration site And fill out the form. On the same website, it is also possible to check what responsibilities are necessary to take up a scholarship.

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Paraná genomes – Parana is also developing a similar project. Genomas Paraná aims to understand the characteristics of a population by looking at health, the environment they live in, lifestyle, family history and the genetic profile of each person. It is expected to last 10 years.

One of the stages of the project is to characterize the genetic and epidemiological profile of the Paraná population, starting with a representative sample from the municipality of Guarapuava. By building a database and using artificial intelligence techniques, the project seeks to identify biomarkers of genetic predisposition to chronic non-communicable diseases, such as metabolic syndrome and associated comorbidities (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease).