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GDF Awards “Partners in Science and Technology” – Agência Brasília

According to Gilvan Maximo, the goal is to get to know and encourage researchers | Photo: Acácio Pinheiro / Brasília Agency

Established the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation at DF (Secti-DF) ”Praising science and technology partnerAnd the To be awarded to individuals or companies that have marked measures in favor of technological development in Brasilia.

The commendation, represented by a painting, will be delivered at a ceremony promoted by the DF’s science, technology and innovation department, on a date to be confirmed.

According to Secretary Gilvan Maximo, of Secti, the aim of the title is to identify, encourage and encourage researchers to contribute to the technological development and innovation in Brazil, by undertaking scientific and technological research that can make an impact.

The list of honorees should be submitted to the discretion of Minister Gilvan Maximo. Any individual or legal entities, as well as civil servants, may propose names to be honored within the scope of praise, provided that the path and achievements in favor of technological development in the Federal District are duly justified and proven.

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Ordinance No. 34 of 4/15/2021

Ascom – [email protected]

* With information from the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation

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