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Higher Education: UEPG obtained a permit to pursue a degree in remote computing

Higher Education: UEPG obtained a permit to pursue a degree in remote computing

Ponta State University’s Center for Technology, Open Education and Distance Education (Nutead) (UEPG) will be able to offer another university course to the community. The degree in EaD computing is approved by the Public Supervisory Authority for Science, Technology and Higher Education. Approved in early April.

UEPG has undergone evaluations by industry professionals working in other educational institutions, and more specifically by course evaluators who analyze and define many aspects such as the infrastructure, pedagogical project, and adaptation of the National Curriculum Guidelines, among other criteria.

The Coordinator of the Computing Degree, Professor Marcelo Verasa, explained how the course was implemented. “In November 2020, our session went through this process, which also included an evaluation by the institution itself. At the end of a day with several meetings, in addition to analyzing a comprehensive report required by the Supervisory Authority for Science, Technology and Higher Education, we were assessed with Concept 4, which represents 5 The maximum, “said Farasa.

“In addition to the positive aspects of the course identified by the evaluators, other institutional qualities also contributed to the realization of this concept,” he says.

The Bachelor’s degree in Computing, Distance Learning method, is a four-year, 3243-hour course, with enrollment in the semester, with a period of eight semesters, and will be offered at the centers of Apucarana, Cruzeiro do Oeste, Flor do Serra do Sul and Guarapuava and Ibaiti, Pato Branco, Ponta Grossa, Reserva, Telêmaco Borba, Umuarama and other centers duly accredited by Ponta Grossa State University.

Nutead Director, Professor Patrícia Vosgrau de Freitas, emphasizes the importance of the collective effort of all professionals in the core. “It is a reflection of the highly committed work of teachers, teacher educators, coordinators, and other professionals. This collective work was reflected in the recognition of this course. I think it represents a market gain, as it is not a common course in other educational institutions,” he confirms.

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For the principal, the assessments that the course must go through have contributed to new ideas to be considered in UEPG’s distance learning. He adds, “I think that the outside view of the residents has also brought us new technical support, which will help us in other plans for the organization.”

Professor Farasa highlights the long journey to complete the course at the University. “All this leaves us with a sense of accomplishment, after so many years of preparing and implementing the PPC, until we reached the formation of the first batch of computer teachers, in February 2021. It was worth it, because it is an amazing achievement for us and for the university,” he admits.