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7 tips for maintaining your mental health during a pandemic

The impact of the epidemic on the mental health and behavioral aspects of Brazilians. The imposition of remote work and the closure of schools has increased the burden of daily routine on women.

Studies of men and women from different regions of the country have indicated that women are most affected emotionally, accounting for 40.5% of symptoms of depression, 34.9% of anxiety, and 37.3% of stress.

Janina Araujo, a teenage mother in charge of livelihoods at home, felt the repercussions of the epidemic on her skin. And thinking about how to help other women face these new challenges, last March she founded the Lékè Institute, which focuses on empowering women in situations of social vulnerability, through emotional and legal assistance and training courses.

Check out 7 tips from Janaína Araújo to maintain emotional health in times of crisis:

1- Organizing daily tasks, writing down and setting priorities

2- Do physical activities to control anxiety

3- Medite

4- Discover a new hobby

5- Be optimistic

6- Reducing time on social networks

7- Be gentle

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