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Gave Tilt # 16: If You Use GPS And Take A Photo On Your Phone Thanks Astronomy - 05/21/2021

Gave Tilt # 16: If You Use GPS And Take A Photo On Your Phone Thanks Astronomy – 05/21/2021

You might not realize it, but astronomy affects our daily life in a number of ways. One of them is the number of inventions that make our lives easier and that have arisen, precisely because of this science.

To talk about why astronomy is so important, the 16th episode of the podcast “Deu Tilt” welcomed Patricia Spinelli, an astrophysicist and researcher at the Mast (Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences), and Thiago Gonsalves, an astrophysicist, professor at UFRJ and coordinator Communications in the Brazilian Astronomical Society. They discussed it with Guilherme Tagiaroli, a reporter for tilt, On the sixteenth episode of the Science and Technology Podcast.

Listen to the full episode in the player above.

In fact, did you know that GPS and digital imaging arose thanks to astronomy? According to Thiago Gonçalves, these are two examples of mass-consumption devices created primarily to serve science (Listen from 19:24).

He explained that “the global positioning system (GPS) depends on triangulation to use general relativity with satellites. Astronomers have mastered digital cameras, precisely because we needed a sensitive tool to monitor the most distant things in the universe.”

For Patricia Spinelli, society does not need to practice science with such a utilitarian view, but in the end, as much as astronomy is not looking for imminent answers for humankind, technological progress applies to everyone (listen from 11:50 onwards)).

“We have enough evidence to show that astronomy even contributes to the well-being of the population,” he said.

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