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Games that are leaving Game Pass

Games that are leaving Game Pass

Over the next two weeks, five games will leave Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's gaming subscription service. Among the games that will leave the service is “GTA 5” – which confirms some of the rumors that spread on the Internet last week.

The Rockstar title has a history of coming and going in the service. For this reason, his departure does not come as a huge surprise.

The game has been available for free on the Microsoft Gaming platform since July of last year, and was released shortly after the release of the “GTA 6” trailer.

Another title leaving Xbox Game Pass this month is “Persona 3 Portable,” which was originally released for the PSP, Sony's hugely successful handheld console. Game arrival It will enter service on February 24, the same day as its launch. The game will be released shortly before the release of the “Persona 3 Reload” remake, which promises to deliver the original experience with improved graphics and more modern mechanics.

The other titles that will leave the service are “Persona 4 Golden,” “Garden Story,” and “MotoGP 22.”

Games entering the catalog in January

While some games are leaving, Microsoft has already announced the next titles coming to the service.

One of this month's highlights is “Assassin's Creed Valhalla,” an RPG with a Nordic setting. The game is one of the most ambitious projects in the Ubisoft series and impresses with the depth of the main story and a wide range of secondary quests.

It is the last game in the series that preferred to “return to its roots” in the game Assassin's Creed Mirage, which was released last year. The title has a more conservative approach, and is more similar to the classic titles, abandoning the more specific RPG elements.

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The latest to arrive on the service is the remake of “Resident Evil 2,” a survival horror game that has been praised by both general and specialist critics.

Check out the full list of games coming to Game Pass:

  • “Close to the Sun” – January 3
  • “Hell Breaks Free” – January 4
  • “Assassin's Creed Valhalla” – January 9
  • “Super Mega Baseball 4” – January 11
  • “We Are Little Happy” – January 11
  • “Resident Evil 2” – January 16
  • “Those Who Remain” – January 16