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Games from the August PS Plus plan are now available for download

Games from the August PS Plus plan are now available for download

plan games PS More agosto for 2021 It can already be used by subscribers. Click the links below and redeem titles or enjoy them directly on the PS Store on your console.

He described:

Immerse yourself in this dangerous and mystical world in the shoes of a hunter who has to face demons, as well as other hunters, and end the chaos in the world.

Prove your strength as the most powerful hunter by mastering the art of oriental swordplay and martial arts battles in this next generation Battle Royale. Explore dungeons and slay demons to become stronger and outrun enemy players. Use the environment around you to plan an unexpected ambush for your enemies.

Choose from 17 different hunters and customize unique weapons to your liking. Gather your friends and step into the arena where the focus on teamwork and strategy planning is paramount in Trio mode. Be the deadliest hunter in the Hunter Arena world!

dynamic world
From snow-capped mountains to dense forests and dangerous lava terrain, this detailed, realistic world is ready for exploration.

Battle royale of melee combat
Experience the next generation of Battle Royale with a unique combat combat system.

Show your style
Don’t forget to enjoy this adventure! Choose between mirror balls and rubber ducks before the fight begins.

Dungeons & Demons
Slay demons to collect loot and hunt demon bosses in high-risk dungeons to collect rare loot.

He described:

welcome! This is Neighborville, where everything is going well. However, a new coniferous struggle between the brainless and the botanists is brewing!

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Customize all characters
Watch the epic battle between plants and zombies unfold with 20 customizable classes, including a co-op class for each side. Explore the unique abilities of each class in six PvP modes, including the new Battle Arena.

Venture beyond the confines of Neighborville
Ground tension increased with three open areas and JxA mode. Gather up to three friends in the Euphoric Park community area and explore Weird Wood, Steep Hill and Neighborville Town Center. It’s time to sprout to break!

Play with your friends in any mode
Join forces to experience split-screen co-op in all modes. Communicate with up to three players and battle across open areas or battle with up to 24 players in online multiplayer.

He described:

Play with the best players in the world or create your own to try to beat the world rankings. Faster speed, more animation and realism: Live the real tennis experience in singles and doubles matches and challenge your friends locally or online.

The real life of a tennis pro
Your player, your decisions. In career mode, you can manage your season, team, equipment and sponsors. If you are up to the challenge, you may become the new tennis player in the world.

Made for tennis lovers
Master the timing of your moves, new serve mechanics and all the techniques that make life difficult for your opponents, whether just for fun or to advance in the rankings.

Emotions in court
More animation, more action, more intense pace… Feel the thrill of dynamic, accurate and realistic gameplay that delivers epic encounters.

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